About Me

Hi there, I am Mariah!

I live with my sweet husband and three darling kids in Temple, TX. Since getting married, we have lived in five different cities– in three different states! All of these moves have stemmed from pursing our dreams and education. Moving so often definitely has it’s difficult points, but for now, I am finding joy in the journey of my life, and I am photographing it every step of the way.

I graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Family Life, Human Development. My love for photography started in high school when I took a black and white film course offered through the local university. It soon turned into an outlet that pretty much consumed me. I would spend what seemed like an hour in the dark room, and realize it had been four hours since I had even looked at a clock. My original black and white film pieces were entered into several competitions, taking both First Place and Best of Show awards. Those first competitions gave me the courage and confidence to think that photography might be something bigger for me. Now more than ten years later, it continues to consume my life.

In recent years, I had several heartbreaking and challenging experiences that prompted some serious soul searching. Why do I feel so passionate about this? Why am I drawn to familial interactions, emotion and milestones? I have found that the worth of a photo isn’t necessarily made apparent until that photo is lost forever, or that loved one is gone forever. I have experienced both of those aspects of loss recently, and those experiences have shaken me to my core. To have the ability to look at a photo of a little boy that is gone forever, but still being able to see that little personality shining back at you makes you realize just how truly fleeting life can be. And why we take so many photos to document the people and events in our lives that are so meaningful. That is why I do what I do. So when our memories fade, or when life’s tragedies strike, we have something to hold on to.

Aside from photography, my other hobbies include being silly with my kids, yoga, running, home renovations and quilting.

I love meeting new people and making new friends. Don’t be shy! Send me a message.